Investment Teams

U.S. Growth Equity


The U.S. Growth Equity team strives to generate superior returns across its investment strategies by applying insight and discipline to the process of investing in growth opportunities that are created by an ever-changing world.

Investment Philosophy

The U.S. Growth Equity team believes that the drivers of stock performance include valuation and other fundamental and technical variables that are inherently qualitative in nature. The team’s investment framework was established in 1994 to judge and quantify these qualitative variables that many other approaches find difficult to capture and act upon. Today, the U.S. Growth Equity team balances a disciplined and systematic approach to portfolio construction with a forward-looking, company-specific approach to research, which we believe is required to identify and understand rapidly growing companies. It has been our experience that this is the combination of art and science that most effectively produces outstanding long-term results.


Stock Discovery

The U.S. Growth Equity team works in the field, meeting with management teams and conducting research on products and emerging industry and thematic trends. The team complements this fundamental research with a rigorous review of technical and quantitative screens that supply additional candidates for the Evaluation phase of the research process..

Stock Evaluation

The U.S. Growth Equity team has developed a proprietary process to determine the attractiveness of each stock candidate. In this Five Perspective approach, an assessment of valuation is combined with assessments of four other key variables: technical behavior, thematic timeliness, business quality and our confidence in management to provide a holistic view and determine the overall attractiveness of the investment.

Portfolio Construction and Risk Management

The portfolio manager works to optimize the portfolio by incorporating the stocks that are most attractive according to the investment team’s Five Perspective research and analysis and also attempts to allocate the appropriate weights to industry groups and investment themes and stock factors to attain the best risk reward profile.

Sell Discipline

Similar to purchase decisions, sales are based on fundamental and technical considerations that are captured by our Five Perspective approach. The most common drivers of sales is a deterioration of the Team Score from the Five Perspective process based on valuation becoming extended, deterioration of technical behavior, competitive conditions becoming untimely and/or confidence erodes in management.